Get Informed About the COVID-19 Vaccine from Mississippians Who Know


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Vaccines Help!

By: Dr. Se'lika Sweet

As of May 2022, Mississippi has had 800,826 confirmed cases of Covid-19. There have been 12,457 deaths. The United States has had 82,260,752 confirmed cases with 998,997 deaths. Worldwide there have been 519,418,513 confirmed cases and 6,258,356 deaths. The Covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective. It helps to protect adults and children older than 5 years of age […] [read more]

The COVID-19 Vaccine Protects More than Physical Health

By: Dr. Clyde Glenn

Did you know that depression, anxiety, ideas of self-harm and completed suicide have increased by as much as 50% among American adolescent and young adult populations since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2019? Isolation, loss of family and friends, disrupted societal norms and economic challenges all combine to create toxic stress and trauma […] [read more]

Don’t Take the Risk!

By: Dr. Joyce Wade Hamme

COVID can cause an acute illness that can lead to respiratory failure and/or death. It can also cause a chronic illness that can lead to a lifelong disability and diminished quality of life. Getting the vaccination can decrease one’s risk for developing either of the two. Head to your nearest vaccination clinic or pharmacy to […] [read more]

Protecting Mothers and Unborn Children

By: Dr. Jaleen Sims

We’ve seen COVID-19 cause illnesses from a runny nose to heart attacks and death of individuals and even unborn children. As an OBGYN, I’ve seen, first-hand, the toll it has taken on mothers, babies, their families and even providers. Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 can decrease your risk for many of these severe illnesses and save […] [read more]

Vaccines are a Marvelous Invention!

By: Dr. Tom Joiner

As Mississippians, we know a thing or two about taking care of each other. As a family physician, I have always taken great joy in participating in the care of families and providing them with advice to keep themselves and their family members healthy and safe. The COVID-19 pandemic was very challenging to us all, […] [read more]

I’ll take ‘em all, Doc!

By: Santana Holloway

As part of my Family Medicine rotation during medical school this spring, I spent four weeks rotating with a practicing family physician in Mississippi. Part of my role was to talk to patients and gather information about why they were visiting the clinic that day. I also spent time discussing preventive tests, screenings, and immunizations […] [read more]

A Medical Student’s Perspective on COVID

By: William "Bradley" Munn

As a medical student who began my M1 year in the 2019-2020 school year, my class has had the unique educational experience of receiving our education almost solely during the Covid-19 pandemic. While we have covered traditional courses such as Gross Anatomy, Pharmacology, and Pathology, we have experienced a real-world education of watching the discovery, […] [read more]

Let’s Talk about the COVID-19 Vaccine #VAXUpMS

By: Shiv Patel

I remember the day COVID-19 reached Mississippi like it was yesterday. I was shadowing a family physician at her clinic during my spring break when I got the news that my school was extending our spring break by another week. To be honest, I was kind of happy to hear we were getting an extra […] [read more]

COVID-19: Medical Student Experience #VaxUpMS

By: Niki Patel

My Experience I was a second-year medical student when the COVID-19 virus hit Mississippi. I did not know what this meant for us and our country, much as the rest of the nation. However once receiving the news, it was evident that our everyday lives would take a turn for the worse. We were sentenced […] [read more]

Give Me a Boost!

By: Dr. Laura Miller

Throughout the past two years, I have often summed up the frequent changes, updates, and modifications to Covid-19-related guidance and recommendations as an opportunity for the public to “live at the speed of science.” We rarely have had the opportunity to observe the processes and procedures for development of vaccines, treatment protocols, and scientific advances […] [read more]