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Get Vaccinated

Dr. Carl Reddix

The physical toll and mental anguish throughout these multiple co-occurring COVID-19 variant pandemics has highlighted the current and anticipated needs of vulnerable communities, especially Mississippi’s African-American citizens. While I am both COVID vaccinated and “BOOSTED”, I am dismayed by the occasional patient/friend/colleague who expresses hesitancy regarding this clear, proven, effective vaccine. A vaccine which will (at a minimum) dramatically reduce the risk of infection, severe morbidity, and mortality. The disinformation that I must regularly address is unprecedented in my 30+ year medical career and makes it tough for me to remain engaged, tolerant or empathetic. Truth, honesty, and frank fact-based discussion with these vaccine hesitant community members is important.

Too many Black and Brown community members have died, have “Long-COVID”, or experienced a protracted acute infection from this scourge. Prevention remains the most prudent public health intervention. I am married to my face MASK, avoid close contact with crowds, and closely follow each COVID variant unleashed. All of us need to remain VIGILANT. This scourge is far from contained.