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Protecting Mothers and Unborn Children

Dr. Jaleen Sims

We’ve seen COVID-19 cause illnesses from a runny nose to heart attacks and death of individuals and even unborn children. As an OBGYN, I’ve seen, first-hand, the toll it has taken on mothers, babies, their families and even providers. Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 can decrease your risk for many of these severe illnesses and save the lives of mothers, babies and their families! The vaccination is SAFE and EFFECTIVE. The vaccination is also FDA approved (Pfizer). 

If you are concerned about future fertility as it relates to the vaccination, I assure you, there’s no evidence that the vaccination leads to infertility. What we do know is that when you are vaccinated in pregnancy, the antibodies that are made, can be used to protect your unborn child, similar to the Tdap vaccine that pregnant women receive. 

I urge you to be vaccinated today! It’s the Mississippi Way!