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Month: November 2021

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It’s The Holiday Season!

Dr. Daniel Edney

Ah…the holidays are upon us! And getting closer to family has a whole new meaning this year. For many, this has always been an exciting time of year…shopping, gathering, and celebrating with our friends, loved ones, and family members. And as we continue to emerge from our pandemic isolation, there is not only hesitance by […] [read more]

Pregnancy And The Covid-19 Vaccine

Dr. Michelle Ownes

It is that time of year again… the summer transition to fall brings cooler temperatures and with it, the start of cold and flu season. In light of the COVID pandemic, this may seem insignificant, but for many individuals, now is the time to get protected, especially for expecting mothers. Pregnancy poses special considerations especially […] [read more]

MSMA Vaccine Hesitancy

Dr. Geri Weiland

Exciting news! Almost a full year after the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine was introduced, it is now available for children ages 5-11. As with all other vaccines it has been thoroughly evaluated prior to the FDA making it available for your child. Why should you vaccinate your 5-11 year old? Well, although it is true most […] [read more]